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February 18, 2008 Mr. Johnson, Congratulations on the recent growth of Credit Dispute Pro!


Unlimited Clientele With the Tremendous Opportunity for Growth!

In today’s ever changing financial world it has become more apparent the need for a strong credit rating. With mortgage foreclosures and identity theft approaching all time highs the need for credit restoration has never been greater. Statistics show that millions of people throughout the United States have some form of derogatory marks in their personal credit file.

With the creation of the newest and most innovative tracking system on the market today, Credit Dispute Pro is proud to announce the launch of our Unique Business Opportunity.

Our State of the Art Tracking system which we have named Credit Dispute Pro Tracker™ will allow for our Licensee's the tools necessary to burst upon what is currently considered one of the Nations Fastest growing industries, credit repair/restoration. Our licensee's will be able to have unlimited access to Credit Dispute Pro Tracker™ and be able to fully concentrate on what helps them earn their income ,which is spending more time marketing instead of being bogged down with the tedious back office procedures of the actual credit repair. Our system is designed to allow you to earn income from retail as well as commercial credit repair. Credit Dispute Pro's Licensee & Affiliate Program will be the answer to having an unlimited cliental with the tremendous opportunity for growth.